SAILVATION: Charter Boat Hand-Over Briefing - Trailer from TheSailingChannel.TV on Vimeo.


Sailvation provides background on all technical aspects of a typical charter boat hand-over. The video is not designed to replace your live hand-over, but with the information it provides, you’ll be better equipped to understand the hand-over process and ask more detailed questions about your charter yacht when you arrive.

About the Team
Sailvation was formed by a team of dedicated sailors with years of experience, not only in cruising but also in chartering and managing boats from popular base stations. We know what sailing is about, what life aboard entails, and what you will experience while chartering. We are the people that you meet on the first day at your charter briefing.

About the Founder
Sailvation was founded in 2008 by Incila Oezmert. Following a circumnavigation in 1999, Incila has been involved in the charter business as operation manger and base manager with several charter companies in Turkey. She consults in setting up the operations department of charter companies, and has extensive experience with technical problem solving for charter sailors. Incila has been a professional charter skipper since 2002.

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