Beat the heat and chill out watching this beautiful HD documentary about sailing the Inside Passage from Seattle, Washington, up the coast of British Columbia to Juneau, Alaska. Enjoy the icebergs, wildlife, and ancient native American icons along the way.

Ice Blink: Interview with Producer, Greg Roscoe from SailFlix on Vimeo.

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Ice Blink: A Family Navigating Life’s Ice-Clogged Waters

At the United States Sailboat Show, TSCtv founder and Executive Producer, Tory Salvia, interviews Greg Roscoe of Seaworthy Productions, producer of the PBS documentary, Ice Blink.

Ice Blink, is a remarkable documentary film about a conventional family of five, the Martins, living a very unconventional life afloat. In our exclusive interview with the film’s producer, Greg Roscoe, we learn how he followed the Martin story for many years, finally meeting them after they completed their arctic voyage and settled not far from Greg in Maine. For nearly twenty years, Dave and Jaja Martin cruised the world’s oceans, circumnavigating in a 25-foot boat while having their three children along the way. Greg tells us how he shaped the Martin’s digital video footage, added family archival photos, and shot new interviews with the couple and their children to create Ice Blink: A Family Navigating Life’s Ice-Clogged Waters.

The Martins are now living ashore following their four-year journey to Greenland, Iceland, and Norway in their 33-foot steel sloop, Driver. Once their children are finished with high school and going to college, Dave and Jaja plan another long ocean voyage.

Sailing Quarterly: Sail Trim & Performance Sailing with Gary Jobson Trailer from TheSailingChannel.TV on Vimeo.

A video by Rob Dubin with Gary Jobson.
From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library. In this 66 minute how-to sailing video, America’s Cup champion Gary Jobson covers all aspects of sail trim that will help you improve the performance of your boat wether you race or cruise.

Gary takes you aboard a variety of sailboats from Solings to Maxis, demonstrating how to use your sails to get the most out of your boat’s performance. Detailed graphics show the finer points of adjustments. Watch now and get your boat out in front. Topics include Mainsail trim, Headsail trim, Spinnaker trim, Spinnaker sets and takedowns, Downwind mainsail trim, Light air racing upwind and downwind, and Trimming for performance.

Storm Tactics: Cape Horn Tested - Trailer

Lin and Larry Pardey deliver the skills you need to weather storms with confidence. It’s the next best thing to having Lin and Larry onboard, coaching you on storm tactics as the seas build and the rigging howls.

Besides actual storm tactics, the program includes information on securing gear, checking rigging, and gaining confidence before setting sail. Heaving to with a para-anchor setup is shown in detail for Taleisin as well as for modern boats, such as Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger’s water-ballasted 47-footer, Hawk.

“One of the reasons I wanted to sail east-to-west around Cape Horn was to take video shots proving that small vessels can safely weather storms if they are well outfitted and efficiently handled,” Larry Pardey stated after his record-breaking voyage. Lin and Larry completed their against-the-wind rounding of the Great Southern Capes on board their engineless 29-foot Taleisin, weathering nine days of storm-force winds to reach Puerto Montt in Chile. There they interviewed several high-latitude voyagers, prepared the narrative, and shot further detailed footage to complete the Storm Tactics video, a project Lin and Larry conceived almost ten years earlier.