Buying our Dream Sailboat | Project Atticus Episode 4 from Project Atticus on Vimeo.

We’re thinking that the 1963 Allied Seawind might just be the sailboat for us. Just to be sure, we’re having the boat surveyed and hauled out of the water to get a look at the underside of a 51 year old sailboat! Figure out where and how we will have it hauled out onto dry dock so we can get to work refitting in preparation for sailing around the world. Also meet Scott, previous boat owner whose dream to fix up the Sea Wolf was untimely cut short. We’re honored to pick up where he left off.

Following our First Sailboat Lead | Project Atticus Episode 3 from Project Atticus on Vimeo.

Follow Desiree and Jordan as they arrive in Key West to survey a 1963 Allied Seawind to find whether it really is the sailboat of their dreams, or if this boat has been neglected beyond the point of repair. Could this be the beginning of a new phase for Project Atticus?

Finding A Sailboat to Take us Around the World | Project Atticus Episode 2 from Project Atticus on Vimeo.

How do you go about finding a sailboat to circumnavigate? Join us as we journey from market research in Sarasota all the way to Key West on a road trip to follow our first lead on a used sailboat that might be seaworthy enough to take us around the world. She’s a 1963 Allied Seawind Ketch. We are very excited to release “Finding the Atticus”!

Around The World on a Sailboat | Project Atticus - The Journey Begins! from Project Atticus on Vimeo.

Project Atticus is a video documentary series that documents one couple’s journey to buy, refit, and sail a boat named the Atticus around the world on a shoe-string budget.

The Project Atticus Mission Statement is KNOW YOUR WORLD.
We seek to explore the most remote corners of the globe and to share everything we experience through video webisodes as we circumnavigate the globe on a sailboat.

Beat the heat and chill out watching this beautiful HD documentary about sailing the Inside Passage from Seattle, Washington, up the coast of British Columbia to Juneau, Alaska. Enjoy the icebergs, wildlife, and ancient native American icons along the way.

Ice Blink: Interview with Producer, Greg Roscoe from SailFlix on Vimeo.

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Ice Blink: A Family Navigating Life’s Ice-Clogged Waters

At the United States Sailboat Show, TSCtv founder and Executive Producer, Tory Salvia, interviews Greg Roscoe of Seaworthy Productions, producer of the PBS documentary, Ice Blink.

Ice Blink, is a remarkable documentary film about a conventional family of five, the Martins, living a very unconventional life afloat. In our exclusive interview with the film’s producer, Greg Roscoe, we learn how he followed the Martin story for many years, finally meeting them after they completed their arctic voyage and settled not far from Greg in Maine. For nearly twenty years, Dave and Jaja Martin cruised the world’s oceans, circumnavigating in a 25-foot boat while having their three children along the way. Greg tells us how he shaped the Martin’s digital video footage, added family archival photos, and shot new interviews with the couple and their children to create Ice Blink: A Family Navigating Life’s Ice-Clogged Waters.

The Martins are now living ashore following their four-year journey to Greenland, Iceland, and Norway in their 33-foot steel sloop, Driver. Once their children are finished with high school and going to college, Dave and Jaja plan another long ocean voyage.